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Conditions of Use


This site is published by 1 THE BRAND (production and trading of clothing, footwear and accessories) established in Athens (Greece). This site is hosted by RDC Informatics established in Athens (Greece). Access to this website and the use of its content is subject to the following terms and conditions of use. By accessing this website, the visitor declare that he or she accepts the following terms of use and is bound by them. If the visitor does not agree with the following terms of use, the only way not to be bound by the following terms of use is to discontinue the use of this website.

1 THE BRAND hereby informs guests that these general terms and conditions may be modified at any time. Once they appear online, any visitor accessing this website is deemed to have accepted these modifications without restriction. It is therefore the responsibility of the visitor to read these terms and conditions before browsing this site.

A visitor wishing to register as a member and to use the services provided by 1 THE BRAND completes an application form with all of its personal data and information requested, and agrees and guarantees that these will be true, accurate, valid and complete, and that he or she will keep and update his or her subscription data so that they are kept true, accurate, valid, complete and up to date.

This site provides its visitors with member services, after accepting the terms of use of this website and after filling in and sending the application form with all true, accurate, valid and complete personal data and information requested during the registration process. As soon as the visitor completes the registration process specified by this website, he will automatically activate his registration and will be able to use the members' website services by typing the "password" and the "username" that he or she has chosen. Members remain solely responsible for all transactions carried out under their password, their username and their user account in general.

Also, members are solely responsible for the careful use of their account and their standard exit from their account at the end of each use ("logout"). This website is not responsible for any damage or damage resulting from the inability of its users / members to respect and follow this condition.

Members can save their exact size and precise measures if they want the products they choose to be tailored to their measures. In this case, more specific terms apply as mentioned below.


Anyone who has access to this website can visit each section for personal and private use. However, "content" may not be used, reproduced, or republished (in whole or in part) for any other purpose, for example for the benefit of another website or publication or for making a profit directly from it. It is also forbidden to copy or modify the products contained or the combination with other products other than the products of 1 THE BRAND, as well as the copying of designs or pieces or their combination with designs or pieces that either belong or not to products and designs of 1 THE BRAND.

This website and all its material, texts, code, content, software, graphics, photographs, images, products, shapes, files, devices and links which are contained to it, or which are linked to it (hereinafter referred to as "content") are protected by Greek and European law and their rights belong to the 1 THE BRAND.


The visitor accepts that access to this website may be interrupted at any time by 1 THE BRAND for maintenance, security, or any other technical reason. 1 THE BRAND will not be responsible if for any reason this website is not available at any time or for any duration.

Apart from the responsibility that 1 THE BRAND may not restrict or exclude by law, 1 THE BRAND shall not be liable to the visitors of this website or to any third party for any direct, indirect, special, incidental or accidental loss, loss of profit, or any other damage of any kind, whether based on a warranty or contractual relationship or negligence, where such damage is the result of access to this website or the inability to access this website or the information or materials supplied directly or indirectly by this website. The 1 BRAND in the above cases cares not a penal responsibility. The exclusion of the responsibility of 1 THE BRAND extends to all similar to the above cases.

Security measures have been taken to ensure the safety and confidentiality of visitor information. However, the visitor must be aware that 1 THE BRAND does not control the transfer of data through telecommunications, including the Internet. For this reason, 1 THE BRAND warns visitors to evaluate and that they are responsible for the potential risk of using the internet.


The prices on this website are presented in Euro (€). The prices include Value Added Tax (VAT) and can be changed at any time without notice.

In this website 1 THE BRAND has exhibited for sale women's, men's, children's clothing and shoes, bags and accessories. These products are the creation of 1 THE BRAND their intellectual rights belong to 1 THE BRAND and are protected by Greek and European legislation. Visitors have the option to contract with 1 THE BRAND and choose to buy from the classic numbers the product of their choice among those set out for this purpose. In the event that a product is defective or missing a quality attributed to it, changes are accepted after the party notifies 1 THE BRAND by e-mail within ten (10) days of receipt and the receipt of the product will be through a courier company that 1 THE BRAND will indicate.

Furthermore, visitors have the option of choosing the exact size and precise measures of the product they want, apart from the classic ones, aiming the product to be tailored to the measures they want. It is possible that this option of visitors can be carried out by creating 3D dimensions of the visitor's body so that the visitor and the 1 BRAND have a better image of the body type and if this is the best way to achieve the desired result. In this case, of tailored measures by request of the visitor, 1 THE BRAND can prepare the product after at least fifteen (15) days and then send it to the visitor who requested it. In this case, visitors can not return the product due to an error in the measures which they have requested. In such a case 1 THE BRAND can not be held liable in the event of an error in the size and measures of the product, which is the responsibility of the visitors who have requested the specific size and measures. However, if the visitor makes a mistake at the specified size or measures requested by order, he or she may request within ten (10) days of receipt, from 1 THE BRAND by e-mail, the correction of the size or measures of the product, and in this case he or she will bear the cost of sending the product to the 1 THE BRAND and the cost of sending the product from 1 THE BRAND to him and any price differences that may arise from changes and corrections that take time.


Links to this website may only be available with the prior written consent of 1 THE BRAND, which may be given at any time. 1 THE BRAND is not responsible for the content of such websites.


Subject to the following terms, 1 THE BRAND takes steps to ensure that the information you access through this website is accurate and up-to-date, but can not provide any assurance or warranty as to accuracy, timeliness and completeness of the information or material appearing on it. 1 THE BRAND reserves the right to correct the "content" of this site at any time without bearing any responsibility and without prior notice.

1 THE BRAND is not responsible for:

  • - Any inaccuracy or omission in relation to the information or material provided on this website by any third party.
  • - Any inability to access this website due to any third party act or action.


Failure of 1 THE BRAND to apply any part of these terms is not a waiver of any right of the present or the future.


These terms and conditions are governed by Greek Law. The Greek Courts have exclusive jurisdiction over any claim related to the use of this website.

This website and all its "content" are subject to special processing and intellectual creation and are protected by the Copyright and Related Rights legislation, in particular by Laws 2121/1993, 2557/1997, 2819/2000, the International Convention of Berne (Law 100/1975), the International Convention of Rome (Law 2054/1992) and Directives 91/100/EEC, 92/100/EEC, 93/83/EEC, 93/98/EEC and 96/9/EEC.

The ownership of them is obtained without any wording and without the need for a clause prohibiting its violation.


Every visitor to this website may, in his opinion, provide the 1 THE BRAND with personal information in order to 1 THE BRAND better understand the requirements of the visitor, and to provide information on the products and services of 1 THE BRAND to visitors who requested to receive such information. If the visitor informs 1 THE BRAND that he or she wishes to receive details or information about its products or services, 1 THE BRAND can contact the visitor via e-mail, telephone or post office to provide the visitor details or information about its products or services or to provide the visitor with any other information which might interest him or her. This information may also be transferred to another person or interest company of 1 THE BRAND. Withholding and use of information is governed by Greek Law and provides protection to the visitor with regard to his or her personal data.

The visitor can access and modify or delete personal information. Every visitor may refuse, at no cost, to contract with 1 THE BRAND, in which case he will no longer receive information related to 1 THE BRAND products or services. The visitor can exercise the above rights by sending an e-mail.